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Deck Design

Your Deck Pros provides all of the design services your project requires as part of the design/build process in-house for FREE. Every project is unique, but typically the design requirements include the following key elements:

Initial Site Visit and Meeting. We will come to your home to gather information about your home and how your new project will integrate into it. We will collect data by measuring the existing structure, taking notes and photos.

Preliminary Feasibility Study. We will make sure that the project you want us to build can be built in reality. We will consider zoning issues, building code requirements, and other technical aspects that we want to be out in front of. 

Initial Design Phase. This is where we enter the data we collected from the initial site visit into our design software to begin exploring a variety of options for you. 

Budget Preparation. The budgets generated will be a “buildable number” meaning that it is not a rough estimate, it’s a truly accurate number that represents the overall investment your project will require. 

Review and Selections Meeting. Having received accurate budgets for several design concepts and being comfortable with the investment required, we will meet you at your home to see those design concepts, make changes and tweaks to your liking and check out a variety of deck and railing options.

Final Design and Agreement. We will make sure we review your project and finalize your project’s features and details and create a detailed agreement to put your project into our schedule. 

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Deck Construction

Adding a new custom deck to your home is a big decision. Your deck is a place where you grill, relax and gather with friends and family. Because of this, you want your deck to be the perfect place for your enjoyment. We take pride and care in every deck we build making sure we get the job done right.
There are several different types of decking material available and it’s important to consider each one:

Composite Decks. When choosing the material for your new deck, composite decking is an incredibly durable option. Composite decking materials are made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic. It prevents cracking, splitting, and warping. A composite deck is low maintenance and lasts a very long time. Best of all, it comes in many different colors that give the look of real wood.

Traditional Wood Decks. Traditional wood decks carry a beauty that only natural wood can produce. Traditional Redwood or Cedar decks are a more cost-effective option, but require the most maintenance. Wood decks can have a very long life expectancy but it is important to understand the types of maintenance it involves to keep it looking its best. We will thoroughly cover the types and frequency of maintenance to help you keep your deck looking amazing year after year.

Exotic Hardwood Decks. Exotic Hardwood deck material is elegant in appearance, long-lasting and incredibly strong. When we say strong, we mean up to 15 times harder than traditional wood. In addition to its incredible strength, exotic hardwood has a unique look all its own. Your deck will look incredible for years to come!

There are plenty of options to choose from, give us a call and we can discuss what material makes sense for your custom deck.