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Most common deck repair tasks

Type of repair usually varies and depends on the condition we find your deck in. Still, below are some of the most common ones our clients frequently need. The replacement of rotting boards, splitting boards, rotten railing, or even broken stairs. We can offer rail tightening, stringer replacements, ledger replacement, basic staining, and comprehensive sanding.

Rotten Wood Replacement. In most cases, customers believe a whole deck has to be condemned because of patches of rot that have softened wood to the point where it becomes an eyesore and even a hazard. If the whole deck has been left for decades to its own that is possibly the case, but often we find that the problem is restricted to certain areas of heavy duty use or patches where improperly seasoned timber was used in construction. At Your Deck Pros we are experts in skillfully removing those timbers and replacing them invisibly with properly sealed hardwood that will stand the test of time.

Sanding. Often the deck is just fine but the top layer is looking tired. Not a problem for deck repair Asheville pros! We can fine sand the top layer and reseal it to give you a perfectly smooth and beautiful deck that looks literally as good as new.


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Replacing Nails. Nails that stick out are a common problem partly due to wood settling or bowing. While we always check for the causes of extruding nails and deal with those rather than just the nail we also know how to pull nails without damage and typically we replace them with weatherproof timber screws that are unlikely to ever project again as nails do.

Sealing Cracks. Weather, and particularly temperature change and seasonal humidity differences will always affect wood even if it is properly weatherproofed. Cracks can open up between planks, or even in planks along the line of the grain. Where this requires a replacement we will replace the timber but often we find that we can provide long lasting and invisible repairs by using wood sealant on your cracks.

When should you replace a deck?
Some specific circumstances simply repairing a damaged deck won’t solve the problem, and a replacement might be the only solution. In the first place, if the cost of the deck repair Asheville is more than 70% of constructing a new one, then it is better to just go with the latter option. Alternatively, if the deck is more than 15 years old, then it can make more sense to replace it. Lastly, if you wish to significantly boost your property’s resale value and you plan to put it on the market, a comprehensive replacement will be the ideal option.

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